Walking Stance


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Walking Stance
(gunnun sogi)


This is a strong stance for front and rear, both in attack and defense.

The dimensions of the stance are:

  • length: 1.5 shoulder widths from big toe to big toe, and
  • width: 1 shoulder width apart from the centre of each instep
  • keep the toes of the front foot pointing forward, and
  • the opposite foot 25° outward
  • bend the front leg until the kneecap forms a vertical line with the heel
  • the rear leg should be completely straight, and
  • the body should be vertical.
  • tense the muscles of the feet with the feeling of pulling them toward each other
  • body weight is even on both feet (50% – 50%)

When the right leg is bent, the stance is called a right walking stance and vice-versa. It can be either full facing or half facing both in attack and defense.

The ready posture for this stance is: Walking Ready Stance ( gunnun junbi sogi)

GM Donato Nardizzi
GM Donato Nardizzi
The YouTube video from GM Donato Nardizzi can be viewed here

Patterns (tul) that use this stance:
All of them except Po Eun and the fundamental exercise Saju Tulgi


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