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Vital Spot

The vital spot in Taekwondo is defined as any sensitive or breakable area on the body vulnerable to an attack.

It is essential that a student of Taekwondo has a knowledge of the different spots so that he can use the proper attacking or blocking tool. An indiscriminate attack is to be condemned as it is inefficient and wasteful of energy. The student should realize that in order to cause a significant injury different force may be necessary at different vital spots. For example, a small force will cause a great damage if it is applied to the neck. On the other hand, the front of the abdomen, if appropriately strengthened, can withstand large force without significant injury to the internal organs.

Vital spots can be divided into two groups.

Major: Injury to these can lead to death or permanent disability.
Minor: Injury to these is not life-threatening but will cause pain and temporary disability.

For the sake of simplicity, the human body can be divided into six groups:

All students should understand basic first aid including artificial respiration so it can be administered if needed. In the case of an internal injury, it is important to lay the injured party down quietly and check the party’s complexion, state of consciousness, pulse, and respiration. Do not move the body in any way and call a doctor immediately. Never make the patient walk or jump. It may aggravate any internal hemorrhage.

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