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Stance (Sogi)


The forceful and finer techniques of attack and defense are largely dependant on correct stance since the stance is the starting point of every Taekwondo movement. Stability, agility, balance, and flexibility are the controlling factors.

The basic principles for a proper stance are:

  • Keep the back straight, with a few exceptions
  • Relax the shoulders
  • Tense the abdomen
  • Maintain a correct facing. The stance may be;
    • full-facing,
    • half-facing or
    • side-facing the opponent.
  • Maintain balance
  • Make use of knee spring properly

Ready stances (jumbi sogi) are used as ready postures before fundamental exercises or patterns, and the Attention Stance (Charyot Sogi) as the name implies is only used when coming to attention.

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