Solar Plexus


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Vital Spot No: 25

Solar Plexus (myong chi)


This is the soft point found in the centre of the chest, just below the xiphoid process.

Even a light blow to this area will shock the diaphragm, which will result in the recipient being unable to draw breath.

A powerful blow can injure the stomach and liver, may cause internal bleeding and can result in unconsciousness.

This point has very little protection, such as a covering of bone or muscle, which results in it being extremely vulnerable to attack.

Xiphoid process:

This point is located on the centre line of the body at the lower end of the breastbone.

The xiphoid process is a small piece of cartilage at the lower end of the sternum.

A powerful rising blow to this point will bruise the heart, liver, and stomach. The result of this bruising will be unconsciousness, possibly even death.

Attacking Tools:

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