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Our club Policies

Organizational Structure
Who we are and what we do. (TBA)

Member Protection Policy
This policy applies to everyone involved in the activities of our club it contains:

Purpose of this policy
Extent of our policy
Who is bound by this policy
Club responsibilities
Individual responsibilities

Position statements
.. Child protection

  • Identify and analyse risk of harm
  • Develop codes of behaviour
  • Choose suitable instructors, coaches and volunteers
  • Support, train, supervise and enhance performance
  • Empower and promote the participation of children
  • Report and respond appropriately to suspected abuse and neglect
  • Supervision
  • Transportation
  • Taking images of children

… Anti-discrimination and harassment

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Prohibition against discrimination and harassment

Intimate relationshipsPregnancy
Girls competing against boys

… Gender identity

  • Gender identity discrimination and harassment
  • Participation in sport
  • Intersex status

Responsible service and consumption of alcohol
Smoke-free environment
Social networking

… Complaints procedures

    • Handling complaints
    • Improper complaints and victimization
    • Mediation

What is a breach of this policy?

Disciplinary measures
Factors to consider

Part A: Codes of behaviour
Part B: Screening / Working with children check requirements
Part C: Complaint handling procedure
Part D: Reporting requirements documents/forms

Dictionary of terms

Attachment C1: Member Protection Declaration
Attachment C2: Working with Children Check requirements
Attachment D1: Complaints procedure
Attachment D2. Mediation
Attachment D3. Investigation procedure
Attachment E1: Record of informal complaint
Attachment E2: Record of formal complaint
Attachment E3: Handling an allegation of child abuse
Attachment E4: Confidential record of child abuse allegation

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