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Vital Spot No: 7

Philtrum (injoong)


The Philtrum is the area directly below the centre of the nose, just above the gum line. At this point, the nerves are very close to the surface of the skin and even a light blow will result in pain and cause the eyes to water. A heavier blow will result in unconsciousness.

The upper jawbones are firmly attached to the braincase and hence a blow to this area will shake the brain. It is this shaking of the brain that will cause the recipient to pass out.

There is also a strong chance that a blow to this point will cause the recipient to lose some teeth. Should these loose teeth and the resulting blood find their way into the windpipe, respiratory paralysis and death may result.

An extremely heavy blow to this area can dislodge the skull from the spinal column. This will traumatize the brain stem and result in instant death. This point can also be attacked by digging in with the knuckles whilst vibrating the hand from side to side. This action can produce severe pain but will leave no lasting damage.

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