Knee Joint


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Vital Spot No: 47

Knee Joint (murup gwanjol)


A fast, accurate, powerful strike to the knee, might break or displace the patella (kneecap) and/or tear or stretch the ligaments that hold the joint together. The most damaging would be to hyperextending the knee, bursting the joint, forcing it past its range of motion, ripping cartilage and ligaments and forcing the ball out of the socket, completely destroying the knee and crippling the leg.

The knee is a vulnerable target, especially when attacked from the side. Ideally, the attacker would have a straight leg with most of their weight on it. If the knee was bent with little or no weight on it, it would be difficult to damage the knee.

The kick in the kneecap was one of Bruce Lee’s favorite. As you can observe from his personal sketches, the first step is to fake a punch to make your opponent focus on your upper body

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