Bridge of the nose


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Vital Spot No: 3

Bridge of the nose (migang)

The bridge of the nose is also known as the nasal dorsum, It is called “bridge” because it connects the tip of the nose to the face.

It doesn’t take much to break a nose; as little as seven pounds of pressure will do it. The blood and pain that result will stop many opponents. Plus, a broken nose also activates a person’s tear ducts, causing even more disorientation.

Despite the myth, you cannot drive the nose bone into the brain.  First, the nose is primarily composed of malleable cartilage which does not possess the tensile strength necessary to penetrate the thick actual bone of which the skull is comprised. Second, even if the nose were entirely made of bone (and remember it isn’t!) it would not be long enough to reach the brain.

However, a powerful blow to the head could be potentially lethal for a variety of reasons ranging from trauma to the brain to injuries to the spinal cord.

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