Breath control


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An important rule to remember; Never inhale while focusing a block or blow against an opponent. Not only will this impede movement but it will also result in a loss of power.

Students should also practice disguised breathing to conceal any outward signs of fatigue. An experienced fighter will certainly press an attack when he realizes his opponent is on the point of exhaustion. One breath is required for one movement with the exception of a continuous motion.

Stamina and speed
Proper breath control prevents

  • Lightheadedness, anxiety and possible fainting from breathing out too much carbon dioxide leading to hyperventilation.
  • Fatigue from not breathing in enough oxygen leading to hypoventilation.

Condition a body to receive a blow 
Proper breath control by contracting your abdomen and breath stopped in the state of exhaling at the critical moment;

  • Provides a strong abdominal wall protecting your inner organs
  • Can prevent a loss of consciousness and stifle pain.
  • Increase core stability and strengthen the spine augmenting the power of a blow directed against an opponent.


The YouTube video from GM Donato Nardizzi can be viewed here
Breath Control (Part 2)   (YouTube)
This video is part 2  explaining the benefits of breath control in Taekwon-Do and how to breathe properly when executing techniques. This video explains how to control the breath for normal motion, slow motion, fast motion, continuous motion, and connecting motion.
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