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Bow Posture (Kyong ye Jase)


When you bow, it signifies not only respect for your instructors and classmates, but respect for yourself, the art and life in general. It is a universally understand gesture that signifies respect and appreciation.

Bowing normally takes place at the beginning and end of practice sessions, from the edge of the mat or practice area towards the flags and when greeting/ addressing an instructor. Generally, it is customary that the junior bows first to the senior.

Coming to attention
The first step in bowing is to come into
Attention Stance

The Bow
To bow, bend forward from the waist, not the neck or the back. The Encyclopedia says to bow 15 degrees.

Keep your head up and your eyes on the person or thing you’re bowing toward.

If you’re bowing to a thing (like a flag or a photo of General Choi), don’t say “Taekwon.” Only say it if you’re bowing to a person. Inanimate objects can’t say it back.

If you’re bowing to a senior, hold the bow until they bow to you. Once they start to straighten up, you can stand up straight as well.

You can watch the YouTube video on how to bow here
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