Attention Stance


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Attention Stance (Charyot Sogi)

Bring your feet together in a ‘V’ shape with your heels touching. Ideally, your feet should form a 45-degree angle. Keep your legs straight (but not locked) and stand up tall.

According to the Encyclopedia, your arms should hang “naturally” by your sides, with a slight bend in your elbows. The angle of the bend in the elbows should be 30 degrees.

Your fists should be clenched slightly. A person shouldn’t be able to see light through them, but you also shouldn’t clench hard like you would for a punch.

If you open your fingers, your palms should more or less face the floor. But because of the bend in your elbows, your palms will be tilted upward ever so slightly. Keep your wrists straight.

Finally, your eyes should face front, looking just above the (usually imaginary) horizon.

This is the only stance that is not used in any of the patterns or fundamental exercises.

The full YouTube video from GM Donato Nardizzi can be viewed here
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