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The Abdomen (bokboo)

The abdomen is a cavity containing many organs. It is formed by the diaphragm above and the pelvic diaphragm below. It is surrounded by the abdominal wall in front and on the sides. The back of the abdomen is formed by the lumbar spine and the paraspinal muscles.

It should be realized that the lumbar spine, which is composed of 5 vertebrae, is the only solid support the abdomen has. Injury to the spine will result in leg pain or paralysis of the legs. Injury to the paraspinal muscles will cause back pain which may be disabling for many months or years.

Solid organs of the abdomen are the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. A direct blow to these may result in their rupture and life-threatening bleeding.

The stomach and the intestines are never injured except with knife or gunshot wounds.

A blow to the solar plexus is very disabling momentarily but with no long-term consequences.


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